Meet the Team - Yayasan Annisa Swasti (Yasanti)

Meet the Team



Amin Muftiyanah (Executive Director)

Working with Yasanti for more than 25 years, Amin is passionate about expanding and strengthening the role of women in Indonesian society. Her extensive leadership experience and networking skills are central to continued success of Yasanti.





Martini (Organiser)

Leading on-the-ground efforts to organise workers, Martini is extensively involved with organising porters in the markets and home-based women workers. She has been central to building the foundations of these networks.





Candra (Organiser)

Candra focuses on organising industrial women workers in the local area. This is requires an emphasis on education and awareness due to their unstable work situations. She is also responsible for the organisation of workshops and meetings with workers and other NGO staff members.





Rima Astuti (Organiser)

Rima organises home-based women worker and industrial women workers inĀ Ungaran, an area around 100km to the north of Yogyakarta. She works largely autonomously but frequently interacts with the team in Yogyakarta to share ideas and strategies.





Umi Asih (Organiser)

Umi works wuth industial women workers in Yogyakarta as well as with women porters in the Giwangan and Kranggan markets. These two locations were part of an expansion around 2010 following successful work in the Beringharjo market.





Hikmah Diniah (Education and Training)

With Yasanti’s focus on Education and Awareness, Hikmah is central in spreading knowledge about labour rights, strategies, and organisational skills to local workers. This work enables networks to build and evolve autonomously.





Dian Buana Putri (Documentation and Publication)

Dian is responsible for photographing and recording Yansanti’s various activities, meetings and workshops. She is also uses social media and this website to connect with workers and other NGOs to strengthen Yasanti’s work.





Nur Hardini (Administration)

Nur works behind the scenes to keep Yasanti running smoothly and effectively. She is responsible both for communication with our partners and some financial work. Nur has been with Yasanti for more than 15 years.





Tri Yuli Ratnawati (Finance)

Ratna has with us since 1994 and has more than 20 years of experience in organising Yasanti’s financial operations. The careful management of revenues and expenditure are vital for Yasanti so it can maximise outcomes from its limited operating budget.